What we do


We’r true worshippers of Jesus Christ
He is our King and Saviour.

Our work is done through our RED cause:

R (spreading the gospel):

Youth Ablaze is our local evangelism group in our local church. Young and missionary is our project to get young people engaged in mission work.

E (Discipleship):

We organize Bible study discussion and roundtable groups, an annual youth conference

D (making a difference in the world):

Young world-changers is our work to get young Christian people engaged in projects that make a difference in the world.


To attend any of our events or partner events across the globe


If you are a young Christian person and would love to get involved with our work.

-Juniors and seniors:

Our volunteers work with young youths in discipleship and mentorship to make them fully grounded in their faith

-UCS & Young adults:

We organize an annual youth convention called the Colour Weekend where we bring together young people between 18-30.