Our Story

In the beginning

In the beginning…

In April 2017, New Life. Youth started out of Deeper Life Church Newcastle as an evangelical and mission-oriented youth group borne out of the vision of its local church.

This vision grew and expand the church through discipleship of new believers in small groups using the model of Jesus Christ and His 12 disciples.

After few months, the group was led through the Holy Spirit speaking through the Holy scriptures to focus on evangelism and discipleship in the fulfilment of the two main mandates of the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20; to preach the gospel and to teach young converts to observe all that Jesus Christ has commanded us.

In the beginning

Our sole purpose for existence is to bring glory to God alone by demonstrating His fullness in the lives of young Christian people

Our core program is KEEP Jesus Christ (K- Know Him, E-Enjoy Him, E-Express His power, P-Proclaim His gospel). This is carried out in our core mandate of RED (reach-out, equip and deploy).

As time has gone by, we began to ask ourselves the question: How could we challenge young Christian people today to live extraordinary lives for Jesus Christ?. God provided us with the answer from the Daniel 11:32b:” That those who know their God would be strong and do exploits.

Where we are now….

where we are

Our prayer that these young people live impactful lives of extraordinary purpose who would change their space radically for Christ.

This is done through our RED cause: to reach-out, equip and deploy young people who wish to fulfil God’s purpose for their lives.

The young Christian people involved with New Life.Youth are are on a mission to reach young people in local churches within their communities, campuses and cities with the message of experiencing the fullness of God in the gospel. We are advancing on our march to ignite a generation of young Christian people with a burning passion for the cause of Jesus Christ- the gospel of the Kingdom of God and true discipleship. In addition, we want to inspire young Christian people to live radiant lives of meaning, value and purpose for Jesus Christ that will inspire other young people.

Where God is taking us...

Our vision is that young Christian people today will come to experience the fullness of God and live their lives to the full in Jesus Christ. We are doing this through bible study groups, seminars, conferences/conventions, providing training and resources