He knew all along
Standing there bloodied and muddied,
It would be more than worth it,
It was all for the sake of you,
Refusing to be saved that you might be saved

Oh the sting of stones at him flung,
The pain of whips across his back splayed
Each open wound taking away your guilt
His clothes ripped, his nakedness on display,
The son of God, standing accused;
Before the creatures he made,
Those he had given breath- his life-giving air

The shame-the shame of it
Peering into all those jeering eyes
Poking their fingers in his face,
All so you won’t suffer disgrace on the last day,
Your sins were covered, your filth removed,
But his own shame he could not hide,

His loving Father looked away,
The begotten sin covered in sin- so disgusting, so revolting,
His heart ripped apart, crying
Father- please don’t abandon me
Separated from his father,
For the first time in eternity
And it was all for you

As he hung on that tree
He looked far into eternity
He gazed upon all humans yet unborn
And in the long corridors of time he saw you,
That giving his life would ransom yours,

Ever before you were ever born,
The price of your sin,
On his frail frame all was borne,
Sweetly he looked on you his child
Saying: it is finished, you’re forgiven, ransomed and set free
And with those words gave his last dying breath

A human like you,
He conquered sin, and the grave
To give you the hope
That death can no longer hold you under
You are now an overcomer,
In Jesus name,
He has ushered you back to Father
No longer a slave but now a son,
An heir of the King of Kings

Photo by Jussara-Romao on Unsplash