Chapter 1 : Making Global Champions

Making Global Champions seeks to help young Christians become global champions in all they do to the glory and honour of Jesus Christ and to attain relevance, significance and greatness in every sphere of life.

The program is modelled after the life of biblical Daniel, a young person whose life was truly remarkable for its exemplary spiritual walk with God, exceptional political and leadership abilities, and excellent enterprising spirit and intellectual acumen.

The sphere of life that the mentoring program focuses is known as SHELF.

  1. Spiritual
  2. Health
  3. Enterprise
  4. Learning
  5. Family and relationships

The three of objectives of Peer-to-Peer Life Mentoring ® program are:  (Colourful boxes)

  1. Raising aspirations
  2. Creating opportunities
  3. Realizing potentials

Chapter 2 : Raising aspirations

Helping young people raise the bar of their achievements and attainment by inspiring their minds, enabling them to clearly see their potential and the possibilities, self-discovery help them in goal setting and purpose discovery.  

Chapter 3 : Creating opportunities

Providing them with information about various opportunities for learning,  development and advancement in all areas of their lives. This could include information on academic life, careers, internships and work opportunities.

Chapter 4 : Realizing potential

Becoming role models that enable young people discover and realise their potential by encouraging them to take challenges and build an enterprising spirit and the drive to succeed in themselves. You can get involved in the program as a young person to be mentor, as someone interested in mentoring others or as a parent.

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I want to be a mentor

I'm a Parent

For Mentors

Peer-to-Peer Life Mentoring ® is a New Life. Youth program that supports our Making Global Champions ® by helping to mentor young Christians to become Global Champions.

The Making a Global Champions ® Inspire and Impact fellowship program is also open for mentors who have demonstrated high achievement and expertise in their areas. They are also involved in our Train-The-Mentor (TTM) and Train-The-Trainer (T3) program.

There are special interest areas that we need more mentors

Special mentoring areas:

Girls into STEM:

Math Made Easy (MME):

WORDS: Developing a new generation of fictional and non-fiction writers

Film and Visual Arts

Life Code: Supporting more young Christians into app development and coding.

Mindset: Helping young people struggling with emotional and psychological challenges from home, suffering from bullying, low self-esteem or body image problems.

For Parents

Peer-to-Peer Life Mentoring ® is a New Life. Youth program that supports our Making Global Champions ® by helping raise global champions in your home. We provide a library of resources and books for you to get better at parenting, organize parenting training events and support parents to become build better marriages that enable your children to become global champions.

Peer-to-Peer Life Discipleship ® is a New Life. Youth program that helps young Christians to grow into spiritual maturity in their relationship with Jesus. We want the faith to pass from one generation of Christians to the next. This is in fulfilling our discipleship mission: KEEP CHRIST-  “To know Christ, Enjoy Him, make Him known by Expressing Him and Proclaiming Him”.

Our focus is developing young Christian disciples person-to-person one-on-one, encouraging and supporting spiritual growth. We agree with the definition of the Navigators  (, and believe a disciple to be someone who believes in Jesus Christ as their saviour and King, learns intentionally from Him everyday and strives to live more like Him.

For New Life. Youth, discipleship also means helping people intentionally to learn and live more like Jesus by praying with them, spending quality time together studying the bible, walking alongside them in everyday life and equipping them to become people who disciple others too. It also means teaching these young people all that Jesus taught and encouraging them to obey everything He taught.

Through Peer-to-peer discipleship relationships, we want to fulfil the message of Christ in the great commision in Matthew 28:19-20: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you, and surely I am with you always, to the end of the age” (NIV)

We offer links to tools and resource library to equip you to become someone who lives out the life of discipleship and effectively disciples others.

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