God is dead, so Nietzsche said,

It is now screamed from the rooftops

Now we are free;

We can do whatever the heck we want,

Those religious people can’t preach to us any more,

Maybe the world would be better if it really was dead and gone,

Up is down, right is left, let’s cast off all restraints,

Science has got the answers,

It is the band-aid we all have been yearning for,

Until you realize it doesn’t have any cure for the ache you bottling in,

No answers to the questions that really mean something,

It only gives the crushing news that you don’t mean anything

Because invariably you evolved from some microorganism;

Leaving free is supposed to be liberating,

But why are our lives controlled by chemicals and substances?

Or the next product that comes along on the shop aisles?

The joys of life swing with getting the next thing in stock

We have become the products, experimental Pavlov’s dogs,

Fickle and empty- a generation running on pills and liquids,

Our new greeting is “What’s your poison?”

And that should just make you sick.

We are not liberated, we are only enslaved;

Caught in the inescapable web of our vices and our passions,

Cheap sex, drugs, porn and alcohol,

The things they lied are supposed to set us free,

Feeling lost like a motherless child,

That’s right ‘cos we grew up without one,

Too afraid to live with ourselves;

We find our next distractions,

We get addicted to video games, partying and doing sports,

Gotta get away from ourselves

A moment of silence terrifies us,

The party has to keep going- nowadays mama never calls

We have houses but we are homeless,

Fathers, mothers and siblings but no family

Where are they anyways tonight?

Probably off somewhere trying so hard to getaway

From here as fast as they can;

So many more friends but we are the loneliest

So we wander around the streets- aimless

Drowning in a pool of information, yet still feeling lost- hopeless

Aren’t you sick of all the “isms” and the cliches?

Trying to make more sense of our world

But we are more confused more than ever before,

We can’t even agree on the simple definition

On something so simple as what it means to be human,

Looking desperately for answers but finding none,

So we take solace in empty slogans and banners,

But in reality, they mean none,

Gotta vent the anger and disappointment inside somehow

So we join something that promises to make our lives matter,

Don’t really mind what it is as long as it makes a bit of sense

We have created a virtual reality as an escape,

Hoping therein we find some peace and solace,

Rather than remain in the present reality we are currently stuck living in,

Overstimulated- we no longer find joy in simple things;

So we have to find the next high,

It’s the great cop-out, no one exactly really cares,

So we sob into our pillows every night

Hoping we probably find someone who cares enough

In the left swipe on an app screen

In no time we found we aren’t heading anywhere

Only going in a downward spiral,

Our lives flashing past, living on the high road, the fast lane,

Moments in between I got the sickening feeling in my belly

It’s all gonna end up in a big crash and burn

My friends had no answer- how could they?

Despite all their big words and smooth explanations

Deep down within, it was all so plain to see,

We were altogether blind,

Hopelessly lost -hoping we’ll somehow find our way,

Can the blind lead the blind,

Or the lost help you find your way?

So many years living by what others say

Being deceived you have free will and you’re the master of your fate

Then you discover its all being a cosmic lie,

You’ve always been manipulated

By the media, the state, and confused-looking experts,

Preyed on by immoral corporations for profit,

You have only exchanged one prison for another,

God’s not dead, isn’t that what they want you to believe? He is very much alive

Denying this would only make you  keep on self-destructing

I pray you finally know the truth as I did,

If indeed you genuinely wish to pursue it and follow where it leads,

Because that is the only thing that will set you free.

Don’t get taken in by the big cosmic lie

God’s not dead, He is very much alive,

He is Immanuel, here with us in Jesus’ name

That’s the only truth I wish you to know.

Photo by Francisco Gonzalez on Unsplash