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New Life.Youth is a global Christian gospel-advancing ministry that provides evangelism and mission opportunities around the world for young people below thirty-five. NLY has a goal of mobilizing one million young people below 35 to take action to reach one billion unreached people with the gospel by the half of this century, particularly in Africa and Asia.
We believe that completing the task of the great commission requires that as young people, we take the mission personally, reach-out to other young Christians, equip and deploy them to every corner of the earth.

Whether it is by supporting missionaries on the field, speaking out for the persecuted church, building scalable technologies, training young leaders and evangelists, we are going to do all it takes to complete the mission in a single lifetime. Building a network of one million passionate and dedicated young Christians is critical to this work. We would pray, organize, mobilize, disciple, educate, advocate, equip and deploy every of these young Christians to disciple the next one hundred million and then to our one billion targets.

New Life. Youth teams are all over the world- in China, UK, Nigeria, Indonesia and we continue to expand. Our mission is to cover every nation on the planet by the finish line. We are fully funded by private donations, in-kind support of churches and Christian organizations and the revenue we sustainably generate

 New Life. Youth started out as DLBC Newcastle Youth Church as a G-12 group for young people aged 12-18 before being renamed in April 2018. The group then metamorphosed into a global gospel advancing youth ministry. It organized its first Youth Conference, Colour Weekend in 2016 before it was rebranded into Radiant Conference in 2018.


We are young people of prayer and intercession, a strong and vibrant prayer life underpinning all we do. Prayer is the live wire of our work and the source of our power for what we do.

God's Word

We are passionate about the word of God.It is the source of all our inspiration, motivation, support and victory. We believe that through the Bible, we know who God is and his will for our personal lives and for his work in the world. We are committed to viewing the scripture as God-breathed, sufficient and infallible for our lives. The Bible is not just a two-thousand years old text, but still fully relevant for life today and in the future.


We are driven by one sole purpose:  to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. Advancing the gospel is at the heart of everything we do. This underpins all that we do, support or campaign, including frontier missions, mission work and support, and evangelistic campaigns and outreaches. We are not satisfied until we achieve results.


We are a people who live and work by faith. Our mission is a faith-mission, with our absolute trust in Jesus Christ to provide for all our needs and to enable us accomplish this ambitious task. We believe that redemption and salvation for all peoples of the world  is only through faith in Jesus Christ


Everything we do is borne out of our love for Jesus Christ and his work of redeeming love in our lives. We are motivated our of a pure love and devotion to Jesus Christ and his cause in the world.

Peer-To-Peer Discipleship

Discipleship is at the heart of being followers of Jesus Christ and making others to become followers of Christ. To become a disciple of Jesus is the chief end of the gospel and living out the life of Jesus Christ is the goal.

Supreme Love For God

We are determined that out of all nations and people groups comes gloryhonour and praise to the name of God and that the earth be filled with the knowledge of God. We are also dedicated to sacrificing our lives for others, demonstrating the love of Christ to them.

Reach-Out. Equip. Deploy

R.E.D is the gospel advancing mandate of New Life. Youth. Our mandate is to reach-out to one million Christian young people (below 35) by 2050 in every geographical nation of the world, mobilize and equip them to be disciple-making disciples of Jesus Christ by deploying their talents, skills and abilities for Jesus Christ through global frontier missions and evangelism.

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Our Core Mandate

Our mandate is to make young people disciples of Jesus Christ and then equip them to make other disciples too. We carry out our mission by RED- we reach-out, equip and deploy young people for missions and evangelism; organising conferences and events, providing training and resources, working in partnership with our local church and other organizations across the globe.


Leadership Team

Tolu Christian-kolawole

NewLife. Youth Director

Silvia Osagie

Translations Team Lead

Believe ekeke

Team Manager

Chima wujah

Mission Lightforce

Sarah Umunna

Volunteers Program Manager

Henry Egbums

Simpy a Jesus Disciple

John Nkor

Technology & Media Team Manager

Chuks Chukwu-etu

Freedom Child

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