Dearly beloved,

It is with great joy and delight that I invite you, a new believer in Jesus Christ on a journey through Paul’s letter to the Romans. It is God’s desire that you have a  deeper revelation and understanding of the new life in Jesus Christ. The book of Romans contains a collection of fundamental truths and principles of the Christian faith. In addition, it also offers practical guidance for living everyday as a follower of Christ.  Most importantly, in the book of Romans, God unveils the great mystery of His saving work through Jesus Christ for you, God’s continuing work in you and his divine plan and purpose for the new life you are now living in Christ.

According to 2 Corinthians 5:17;  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). The new life in Jesus Christ is a new life in all dimensions as well as being a miraculous and divine birth. This new life originates from God himself and carries with it His divine essence and nature. You are a new person, the old you is dead and gone. The bible verse of 2 Cor 5:17  is probably the second most well-known and quoted bible verse after John 3:16 but probably also ranks as the most poorly understood scripture verse in the bible in terms of its implications and ramifications for the Christian life.

My hope is that through this journey through Romans, you come to see by the revelation of the Spirit of God the high calling of your new life in Jesus Christ in clarity and its glory.  I encourage you to keep reading, studying and meditating on 2 Corinthians 5:17 as it is a verse that cannot be fully grasped well enough. This verse expresses the entire sum of the practical aspects of your new life in Jesus- a new life that is so unlike the old as far as the east is from the west. The main audience of this journey through Romans are new believers in Jesus Christ although all Christians are welcome to read through as well. God’s word is ever relevant and applicable to us notwithstanding our level of maturity in the Christian faith.

I will do my best to write as simply and clearly as I possibly can because I believe that there is nothing more important for a new believer than truly understanding what it means to be in Christ. I believe and can attest as countless great men and women of God over the ages have in the clarity, simplicity and openness of the word of God. The Bible, the God-breathed  word of God is open to all who come with reverence and open hearts to be enlightened by God’s spirit.

I wish to state unequivocally that no one ever truly begins to live until they have born of the Spirit of God. To be born only through natural birth is to be born to die but to be born by God is to have eternal life. So let me say that you are now truly alive for the first time since you were physically born to the earth. And the life of God in you is a life that God has intended and works in you to make grow powerfully and beyond measure. God has intended that the living water you have taken in from the everlasting fountain of God will not only quench your thirst but burst out into rivers of living waters from within you.  

It is my earnest prayer and desire that God, our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ grant you together with all those who read this words to come to the revelation of the hope to which He has called you. I pray that He grants you  deeper spiritual insight and revelation from Him through His word on living for that hope, what it means for you and how to live everyday in this knowledge.

I am excited beyond measure by the promises of God for you as a new creature in Christ and the spiritual blessings He has in store for you as you grow in faith. You will find this journey truly transforming for your understanding of God’s  divine purpose for calling you out of the world and his glorious plan for your Christian walk.

You are now part of God’s family, you have the promise of an eternal inheritance, you are loved eternally by God. You are a new person indeed and in every sense. The old you is dead and buried with Christ, forever. God has exchanged that old life taking you towards death with His own life- the God-life, eternal life; Zoe. So let’s begin this journey.

Photo by Sushobhan Badhai on Unsplash