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We believe living life to the full as a young person is living with a mission, vision and purpose. And this only comes through believing in Jesus Christ and experiencing a new life in Him. Then you find in Him true meaning, real value and guiding principles for your life. This is living life to the full. Our dream at NLY is that young people everywhere: in our local communities, cities and countries across the globe come to experience the new life lived to the full in Jesus Christ.


Our mission is to make young people disciples of Jesus Christ and then equip them to make other disciples too. We carry out our mission by RED- we reach-out, equip and deploy young people for evangelism; organising conferences and events, providing training and resources, working in partnership with our local church and other youth ministries.


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New Life Youth Newcastle is a Christian youth group passionate to make local communities, campuses, cities and nations transformed for Jesus Christ through the impact of young people who are radical world-changers for Christ. We have a mandate which is our RED cause: to reach-out, equip, and deploy young people who wish to fulfil the purpose of God for their lives.


R.E.D is the gospel advancing ministry of NLY Newcastle. Our mandate is reach-out to teenagers with the gospel of Jesus Christ with before their 21st birthday, equip young people to be disciples who make other disciples as well mobilize them and enable them to deploy their talents, skills and knowledge for Jesus Christ.


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